Dear partners!

litye_detaleiWe would like to inform you that due to the demands of our customers and expanding opportunities of our own production, company LLC "TD Plastmass Group" has opened a new work room. This autumn we have started the molding parts production department of structural ZEDEX thermoplastics, both pure and filled (PPS, PEEK, PEI, PA, PU, PET), depending on our client's objectives.

Thanks to the wide park of injection molding machines, our specialists are able to produce complex profile details of high temperature thermoplastic of various dimensions. The availability of high-tech equipment allows to produce molds that saves input costs and reduces product costs. The ever-increasing capacities allow to complete the needs in details of serial production.

Our experts will answer all your questions with pleasure, as well as calculate the component drawing or mold and help to form your order and solve your task.

We hope for further effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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