The company«TD Plastmass Group» continues to share useful information on the pages of print publications. This time our article can be found in the October issue of the magazine “TechSovet”. The theme of the publication is "ZEDEX as a tool to control the cost of repair and modernization of machine parts and mechanisms". It was not chosen by chance.

The current economic situation in the Russian Federation dictates the domestic manufacturers the importance to optimize regularly the costs of purchasing of structural and accessory materials, taking into consideration the purchasing power of consumers. The complexity of this task is worsen by difficulties that the Russian Federation has in the foreign policy because of economic sanctions and consequently the rise in the cost of supply of materials and spare parts from foreign manufacturers. This situation favours the active promotion of technologies that can partially or completely replace unavailable or significantly more expensive import analogues, especially in the application of antifriction materials.

There are effective solutions that are made to help the Russian industry to overcome the transitional period and at the same time to increase service life of existing development. Produced by our company engineering plastics ZEDEX (ZX) - is  a combination of the latest technologies and economical production efficiency.

In the November issue of the magazine we will focus on the lining and the choice of the wear-resistant material, and also, how to find the ideal ratio«price-quality» on the market of lining materials.

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