A correct choice of a material is one of the most important moments in manufacturing or repair of units and the mechanisms of the equipment of various assignment.

To avoid negative consequences due to possible inaccuracies, company «TD Plasmass Group» recommends customers to use a free advice of our qualified technical experts while choosing materials.

With the help of a specialized program for calculation of loads and chemical resistance, our specialists will select the best material of required thickness for you and calculate the design.

If you find it difficult to choose the right polymer, describe us your problem or send us a drawing and we will select the best material that will serve for many years.

Receive expert's consultation

In accordance with your first request «TD Plasmass Group» company is ready to provide you with an extensive list of information tables and charts obtained by collection and analysis of empirical data by systematical testing performed in parallel with the manufacturing process:

  • A comparison table of material properties.
  • A table of relative comparisons of properties of our and standard materials.
  • A chart of temperature limitations.
  • A table of resistance to chemicals, radiation and mechanical stress.
  • A variety of charts illustrating the data collected in the tests.
  • Examples of similar application of materials on existing manufacturing enterprises.

Don't delay, improve the work of your working parts today!

Fill in and send us your technical specifications to our e-mail address info@zedex.ru technical specification . On the basis of this technical specification our specialists will professionally select the most appropriate material from a diverse range of high-tech engineering plastics of a new generation for work in your conditions.

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