In the production of large batches (series) of similar items, it is expedient to produce finished products by molding. Specially prepared tool steel press moulds are designed and produced for it. This method is more expensive, but with significant production volumes tooling cost is fully justified in the shortest possible time. It is also possible to produce temporary molding tools (moulds) of aluminum, which require much lower financial and time costs



With a view of time and cost saving for design, the first prototypes of ZEDEX polymers are manufactured from blanks by machining on turn-milling machines or 3D printer.

Quick tips on ZEDEX materials molding:

  • Pre-drying with dry air.
  • 1-, 2-component injection molding.
  • Inserts (fusions) are possible.
  • Product weight 0,5 to 1600 g.

The optimal price is for the order from 50 000 duplicate parts and more.

If necessary, we are ready to provide all information needed, including instructions for ZEDEX materials molding.

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