Lining – is the facing of the working surfaces of equipment and their components with materials, which have special protective characteristics against mechanical, thermal, physical, chemical attack.

The lining prevents sticking, freezing or sintering and wear of the working surfaces, bins, railcars, conveyors for the handling, transportation and storage of bulk materials and cargo. The use of linings allows to increase the throughput of the equipment, and to reduce additional operating costs for maintenance and repair of equipment. Polymers of the company «TD Plastmass Group, LLC»: high molecular and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene INKULEN PE 500/1000 and polyurethane elastomer INKUMER-EL are proven remarkably effective.

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The choice of material is crucial by the effectiveness of the lining. The material for lining and their thickness are selected on the basis of operating conditions of the node and its destination.

LLC «TD Plastmass Group» produces the high quality polymer materials for lining:

The lining using materials produced by LLC «TD «Plastmass Group» is effectively proved in following branches:

  • Transport and mining
  • Petroleum
  • Machinery
  • Food industry
  • Atom and chemical
  • Paper-cellulose
  • Agriculture and many others

Lining using high molecular and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE-500 / PE-1000 has a wide range of technical characteristics:

  • Resistant to aggressive chemical environment, except the effects of nitric acid;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Excellent deformation characteristics, stable to size and shape changing;
  • No water absorbation, so no size changing in the aquatic environment;
  • UV and microorganisms’s destruction resistance;
  • No taste and smell;
  • The sliding surface prevents the sticking of wet products;
  • Mechanically strong and tough;
  • Mechanically strong and tough;
  • Low weight;
  • No extremely high costs by processing;
  • Good dielectric properties;
  • Radiation resistance.

Lining using polyurethane elastomer  (Shore hardness 70-90, Skala A) has following  feachers:

  • Increased elasticity;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Resistant to numerous deformation;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Dielectric properties;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • High pressure resistance without losing its operating characteristics;
  • No properties losing by temperature drops.

You can buy various sizes of plates for lining of industrial tanks, gutters excavator, buckets, blades of bulldozer, transfer raises, conveyor trays, bins, etc. Also, the company «TD Plastmass Group LLC» produces from the polymer rods and tubes (blanks) the sliding guides, bushes, collars, rollers and many other details, working in a friction pair.

Buying the lining material by us you get:

  • Consulting by specialists of LLC «TD Plastmass Group», who make the necessary calculations and provide all necessary recommendations and instructions for lining montage in the operating nodes under the specified operating conditions.
  • Saving money and the opportunity to raise your production to a new level, using modern technology.
  • The minimum batch of materials is not limited. You have the opportunity to buy a test batch to verify the quality of our materials by preliminary operating testing, and a wide range of polymers in our warehouse guarantees the soon delivery.