Company LLC «TD Plastmass Group» will produce for you clamp and ring thermo-electric heaters of any configuration or power for different operating conditions in the shortest possible terms.

Clamp heaters are used in various fields. This cylinder-shaped item performs the function of heating and is equipped with a special insulator. The heater is manufactured from durable and reliable steel, which provides a full heat transfer and increases the operating time of the heating element.

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  • The principle of heat transfer: Contact
  • Diameter: 70 to 500 mm
  • Heating element: Nichrome
  • Insulation material: Ceramic
  • Voltage: 220, 230 V
  • Operating temperature: up to 1000 С
  • Housing: Stainless steel
  • Terminal leads: Terminal blocks

Clamp heaters are used for heating:

  • Molds
  • Extruders
  • Molding machines
  • Component products
  • Packaging equipment
  • Screws
  • Pipelines
  • Adhesive machines
  • Bottles and caps

Feature performance of ring heaters with ceramic insulation is that they do not require a tight clamp, you may lay more power and use them at higher temperatures up to 1000 C. These clamp heaters can be installed from the back and flattened to mount on the desired remote area.

A clamp or ring heaters have been in request recently. Clamp heaters — come forward in the huge number of all existing modifications of the heating elements. Definitely, the name of this model of heaters speaks for its external data and form more than anything else.

The origin and application

The name of clamp ceramic heaters comes from the well-known word “clamp”, which means to wrap the product to be heated. Of course, heaters of this type do not have flat, but oval or round heating surface.

Ring or clamp heaters are installed around all the perimeter of an object for uniform heating. It is thoroughly pressed down against the coving of an oblong or round object, required in heating, and thereby, very quickly heats it to the required temperature.

This type of heaters is massively used in the case when the pipeline takes place on both big and small pipe connections, as well as in industry, on construction sites, in supermarkets.

Manufacturing of clamp ring heaters is a very time-consuming and laborious process. So, they are totally not subject to restoration and even simple repairs. The durability of these devices is directly driven by the correctness of mounting and operation cycle. A clamp heater should be attached to the surface of an object as tightly as possible. The slightest violation at installation results in an instant exit of a heating system is out of operation. A levelling high-temperature paste is necessarily applied when identifying the slightest irregularities or rough surfaces.

Nowadays a large number of modifications of clamp or ring heaters has been produced for both domestic use and general industrial applications. In extraordinary cases it is possible to assemble the heaters under the order. Individual production of heating elements will not take more than five to seven working days.

Clamp ceramic heater

The design of clamp heaters is diverse. It depends on their purpose and the type of an insulator. There are two types: ceramic and mica ones. The latter got its name from the insulation product used for its manufacture — micanit, which is produced by bonding a certain sorts of mica sheets. As opposed to ceramic ones, these heaters did not acquire wide distribution.

Clamp heaters with ceramic insulation material are very often applied in process equipment intended for manufacture of packaging containers, thermoplastic automatic machines, extruders, molds, hair dryers, various kinds of piping, forms for pressing. This is only a small number of the fields where ceramic heaters are successfully used.

This type of heaters is made only from high quality components. Only in products with a ceramic insulation, coils are placed in special channels of the ceramic insulators, which allows to make models more durable and hardy.

Sometimes to improve the quality of heating, a ceramic heater consisting of two half-clamps or even multiple segments is used. In addition, it is possible to produce this kind of heaters with built-in thermal element. A partial change of the components of the innovative heating devices is also available.

Each product has a quality certificate and warranty. All standards and requirements to the manufacture of goods, their loading and transportation are strictly observed. But do not forget about the correct connection of the device, proper operation and care instructions.

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