In the collection of articles of the scientific-practical conference "ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN SOCIETY. 2018. No. 1" Alexey Alexandrovich Halyavkin, Leading Technological Engineer of Gazprom Pererabotka LLC .

Shaft is a part of the propulsion and propulsion of the vessel, which is designed to transmit torque from the engine to the propeller and the perception of axial force from the propeller to the hull of the vessel. It relies on stern, intermediate and thrust bearings.

As a rule, sternwood bearings are bushings with a set of batuta, laminated plastic (DSP), textolite, rubber metal slats, caprolon or filled with babbitt and pressed into a stern tube. Sternwood device - one of the main elements of the shafting, consists of a stern tube, stern bearings and stern glands (Fig. 1).

Fig.1. Stern gear vessel.1 - stern bush;
2 - caprolon hub; 3 - propeller shaft; 4 - locking bar; 5 - screw.

This paper explores the use of domestic polymer material ZEDEX for the manufacture of stern bushings of vessels. The advantages of the material ZEDEX include: a slight coefficient of dry friction and thermal expansion; high wear resistance, vibration strength and damping in a wide range of operating temperatures; the ability to absorb large abrasive particles and push out small in a friction pair metal and sleeve from ZEDEX; the ability to withstand high specific pressure and distribute over a larger area the local pressure caused by the edge contact voltage; high installation accuracy with tightness on metal shafts in the absence of gaps; minimum water absorption.

Increased wear resistance with prolonged friction and work without lubrication allow ZEDEX billets to produce wear-resistant sliding parts: bushings, bushings, rollers, sprockets, gears, copiers, running nuts, gears, worm wheels, guides and much more.

The use of ZEDEX materials makes it possible to increase the reliability of slip units, increase their service life, reduce the cost of operating and repairing the equipment fleet by reducing the cost of nodes, the cost of maintaining them, reduce the accident rate and machine downtime due to repairs, due to the high quality characteristics of the materials.

ZEDEX polymers constantly prove their effectiveness in work. They showed their application and advantages in comparison with other materials not only in the shipbuilding industry but also in the oil and gas industry, engineering, aviation. They found wide application in pumping and compressor equipment in the manufacture of sliding bearings and sealing rings. As a rule, such machines, like ship shafting, are difficult to dynamic and all their elements must have high reliability and resilience to all loads.

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