More than 200 Russian scientists and foreign experts have been annually gathering for over 12 years in St. Petersburg within the Conference of young scientists «Modern problems of polymer science». Their attention is drawn to important scientific problems of polymerization. This year's declared subject of the event concerned synthesis and study of "smart" polymers, polymer composites design and obtaining of composites based on thermoplastic polymers, the study of bio-related and medical polymers.

The company LLC “Innovation Centre “Plastmass Group” was presented by the leading engineer Baybakov Alexey Aleksandrovich with the poster presentation in English on the topic “Study parametric oscillations ships with new composite shafting stern-tube bearings.” According to the results of the Conference on the basis of this report compiled by the leading engineer-technologist of LLC “Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan” Haljavkin Alexey Alexandrovich, together with a senior researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Loshadkin Dmitry Vladimirovich and the General Director of LLC “IC “Plastmass Group” Grebe Juri Ivanovich, an article in the collection of scientific works was published.

In his speech, Baybakov A. A. told the participants of the event about stern bearings, made from a new friction material based on polymeric molecular composites. He also presented the results of the testing of the new material, which showed full compliance with all the requirements stated.

The conference was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations and the the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences.


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