In order to maintain a high level of competitiveness of our materials on the market of high-tech polymers, it is necessary to improve constantly the quality characteristics of polymer compounds.

Partnership with LLC «Innovation Centre «Plastmass Group» allows «Trading House Plastmass Group» to create new antifriction ZEDEX polymer modifications of improved characteristics required by the customer and achieve such results as:

  • Reduction of friction and wear.
  • Stiffness and strength increase, especially at high temperatures.
  • Elasticity and mechanical damping increase.
  • Accuracy increase due to the reduced coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Thermal and/or electrical conductivity optimization.
  • Decolouration.
  • Antibacterial effect, etc.

The development of new compounds is the basis of our success. Before starting serial production of some polymer modification or parts, a number of obligatory tests are carried out within manufacturing researches. If any problems during operation arise, we can determine the cause of occurrences taking mechanical, thermal, micro - or macroscopic tests of a defective part.

Our company in cooperation  with LLC «Innovation Centre «Plastmass Group» does not stop to carry out an intense and comprehensive study of ZEDEX materials and to conduct a constant experimentation. By means of it, synthetic polymers that we offer have a high quality and a number of unique characteristics which make them different in all variety of, at first glance, similar composite solutions.

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