"TD Plastmass Group" produces more than 30 brands of materials ZEDEX (ZX) which are divided into series: ZX-100, ZX-324, ZX-410, ZX-530, ZX-550 and ZX-750 and their modifications. Each series has its own sphere of application and conditions of use.

The main purpose of the antifriction materials ZEDEX – the solution of problems of wear and tear of parts in the knots and mechanisms of sliding friction.



Handyman up tо 110°С
Composition PET + unique combination of different modifications

Manufacturing of wear resistant sliding bearings bushings, bushings, linear guides, lead screws, rollers, gear wheels and other parts.

Characteristics High wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, lubrication is not required in the process of operation, resistance to a wide range of chemicals ph from 1 to 9.
Application.  Effective solution for many nodes. Machines, guillotine, machine tools, pumps, hoists, grapple and many more.


Handyman up tо 250°С
Composition PEEK + unique combination of fillers.
Designed for the production of sliding parts for use at high temperatures in combination with high surface pressure of 15 MPa.
Characteristics.  High tensile strength and fatigue. Suitable for welding, gluing, work in a vacuum. Higher wear resistance and pv performance than of standard PEEK.
Application.  Машиностроение, автомобильная, грузовая техника, упаковочные машины и др.Mechanical engineering, automotive, trucks, packaging machines and others.


Rigid and accurate up to 180°С
Composition PEI + unique combination of fillers

Manufacturing of sliding bearings running at higher temperatures, speeds and loads than the material ZX-100K.

Characteristics. Dry running, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, dimensional stability. The cost, wear resistance and pv-value are better than PEEK.
Application. ydroelectric power plants, treatment facilities, pumps, valves and more.


An expert on chemicals
Composition PPC + unique combination of fillers
Designed Sliding parts and is the best solution for operating in aggressive chemical environments.
Characteristics.  It is not affected by most chemicals, substitutes the fluoropolymer and ceramics, in the nodes of sliding surpassing their characteristics.
Application.  Drying chambers, electroplating lines, pumps as a part of equipment in chemical, oil and gas industries and others. It is effectively used in cases when bronze sliding bearings or fluorocarbon polymers  do not endure the load long enough.


Runs dry like clockwork
Composition Unique wear-resistant polymer
Designed effective alternative to PTFE. Its wear resistance is ten times higher than PTFE. It is indispensable when you need a small static friction in combination with oil paint to 70 degrees Celsius.
Characteristics  It is resistant to hydrolysis, does not absorb moisture, high heat and cold resistance. It operates at temperatures ranging from - 250 °C up to + 250 °C
Application. It is applied in chemical, electrical, food industry, medicine, vehicles and others.


Copes with  300°С
Composition Pl + unique combination of fillers. The latest product.

Ideal for sliding speed over 200m/min and  temperature of more than 100 °C. It is used in the nodes where the load and dimensional stability need to be improved.

Characteristics.  It has the highest pv-performance of all polymers Zedex brand. High endurance limit. It  does not support combustion, work in vacuum. 
Application It is used in mechanical engineering, medical engineering, in deep-water hammers.