ZX-750V5T - is a thermoplastic material with antifriction characteristics based on polyimide (PI).

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The latest development in the field of materials for high speeds and high temperatures. Particularly suitable for sliding speeds beyond 200 m/min and temperatures exceeding 300 °С.
Plain bearings slideways made of polymers ZX-750 should be applied if the use temperature exceeds +100°С, and the durability and dimensional stability need some improvement.
To apply


  • Stiff, hard, tough
  • High dimensional stability
  • High fatigue strength
  • Chemical resistance to solvents, dilute acids, alkalis, petroleum products
  • Good machinability, suitable for bonding and welding
  • Suitable for use in vacuum
  • Contains PTFE
  • Working temperature: -250°C to +300°C (+320°C);
  • Surface pressure (p): max. 41 (125) MPa;
  • Sliding speed (v): max. 350 m/min;
  • Fatigue (S): tensile fatigue strength at 20 °C and 1E06 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 35 MPa;
  • UV-radiation: resistant (1000 hours Xenon DIN 53597). Gamma-radiation: Limit absorbed dose 8000 kGy;
  • Water: max. water absorption: 0.7 %, up to +120°C resistant;
  • Fire behavior: Oxygen index (LOI): 52 %, classification: V-0 (UL94). Fireproof.

The advantages of ZX-750V5T over PEEK (polyetheretherketone):

  • 10 times higher pv-value, the best results of the work without lubrication
  • 5 times higher notch impact strength
  • 20-80 times higher durability when operating up to +100°C


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