Application parameters* ZX-750V5KF
Working temperature (T) -250°C to +280°C (+320°C)
Tensile strength (p) max. 41 (125) MPa
Sliding speed (v) max. 350 m/min
Fatigue (S) max. 55 MPa

* Values in the brackets are valid for shot-term service

Detailed comparison charts on the properties of ZEDEX polymers you can find in our catalogue «Materials»


  • Fiber reinforced.
  • High stiffness up to +250°C.
  • Low ultimate elongation.
  • Low thermal elongation, up to +220°C is comparable with aluminum.
  • Impact resistant down to -196°C.

Forms of supply:




Details based on customer’s drawings.

Bearings according to DIN.

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