ZX-550 is a thermoplastic synthetic composite material with a number of positive characteristics. Nowadays it has been widely applied. The table below describes its main advantages and features.



  • High wear resistance.
  • Minimum wear at temperature up to +100°C.
  • Hard and soft. Good machinability.
  • Compared to ZX-550 and PTFE, higher tensile strength and elongation at break.
  • ZX-550PV has 50 times higher pv-value at 20 m/min, than other materials.
Application parameters* ZX-550PV
Working temperature (T) -270° Celsius to +240°Celsius (+250° Celsius)  
Tensile strength (p), max 4 (8) MPa
Sliding speed (v), max 150 m/min
Fatigue (S), max 4 MPa

*Values in the brackets are valid for shot-term service

Detailed comparison charts on the properties of ZEDEX polymers you can find in our catalogue «Materials».

Forms of supply of polymers ZX-550:

Sheets based only on customer’s drawings.

Bearings according to DIN.

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