ZEDEX-410 (ZX-410) – is a composite of a thermoplastic synthetic material based on PEI (polyetherimide).

The form of technical specifications for bushings and guides   The form of technical specifications for sliding nuts   The form of technical specifications for sprockets

Intended for the manufacture of sliding parts operating at higher temperatures, speeds and loads than those of ZX-100K.

The use of ZX-410 reduces friction and wear, and works without lubrication, that reduces operating costs. It is cheaper than PEEK (polyetheretherketone.



  • Up to +180°C hard, stiff, tough;
  • Good durability;
  • High dimensional stability;
  • High chemical resistance;
  • High hydrolysis resistance;
  • Very high UV radiation resistance;
  • Excellent machinability
  • Working temperature: -70°C до +180°C (+200°C);
  • Tensile strength (p): Max. 48 (142) MPa;
  • Sliding speed (v): Max. 200 m/min;
  • Fatigue (S): tensile fatigue strength at 20°C and 1E06 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 33 MPa;
  • Resistance to UV radiation. Gamma-radiation: Limit absorbed dose 9000 kGy;
  • Water absorption: max. 0,6 %, dimensional changes: 0,25 %;
  • Fire behavior: oxygen index (LOI): 47 %, classification: V-0 (UL94), low flue gas emission

General chemical resistance:

  • ZX-410 is not affected by alcohols, automobile and aircraft fuel, lubricating materials, cleaning and even under load.
  • Resistant to weak acids and alkalis (PH-value <9), salt solutions, ether, hydrolysis of hot water and steam, UV and energy radiation.

ZX-410 advantages in comparison with standard PEEK:

  • With a similar toughness ZX-410 has several times higher ultimate elongation.
  • Higher PV-value (max. 300%).
  • Better dimensional stability in all ZX-410 types.
  • ZX-410 loses its rigidity at temperatures 50°C higher than PEEK.
  • Higher wear resistance and impact toughness.

ZX-410 advantages over bronze

  • A wide range of blanks allows to bring them to the finished size and therefore to minimize the cost, expenses and time on unnecessary material processing.
  • Low friction coefficient and improved antifriction properties to increase the working period of units 3 times and more.
  • ZX-410 does not require a breaking-in because of its elastic properties, it has the ability to compensate geometric errors, due to the elastic deformation at the edge, and the local specific pressure greatly reduces by extending contact areas that leads to increased bearing force.
  • Work without lubrication, lubrication system failure does not lead to an emergency situation and «seizure».
  • Shock and vibration resistance, low noise characteristics of the sliding units.
  • High positioning accuracy and smooth movement at low feeds.
  • Work in polluted conditions: the ability of ZX-410 to absorb abrasive foreign particles or contamination - elastic or plastic introduction of particles, thereby not disturbing the sliding surfaces and not causing abrasive wear.

Rods (Ø6÷180 mm)

Pipe (outer Ø 30÷380 mm)

Sheets, thickness of 6; 8, 10; 15; 20; 26; 32 (370х1000 mm or 370х2000 mm)

Sheets, thickness of 24 mm (120х1000 mm or 120х2000 mm)

Detail based on customers’ drawings




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