Thermoplastic composite synthetic material by 98% consisting of PEEK (polyetheretherketone).

The form of technical specifications for bushings and guides   The form of technical specifications for nuts running   The form of technical specifications for gears

For the manufacture of sliding parts, operating at high temperatures (over 200°C) combined with high pressure (15 MPa).

To apply


  • Hard, tough, with high fatigue strength;
  • High tensile strength;
  • PTFE- and Silicone-Free;
  • Resistant to weathering;
  • Good machinability, bondable and weldable;
  • Good hydrolysis resistance;
  • Vacuum suitable
  • Temperature (T):-50 °C до +250 °C (+260 °C);
  • Surface pressure (p): Max. 41 (125) MPa;
  • Sliding speed (v): Max. 40 m/min;
  • Fatigue (S): tensile fatigue strength at 20 °C and 1E06 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 60 MPa;
  • UV resistant. Gamma radiation: limit absorbed dose 12000 kGy;
  • Water: max. water absorption: 0,5 %, dimensional changes: 0,15 %;
  • Fire behavior: oxygen index (LOI): 35 %, flammability classification  (sample thickness 3.2 mm): V-0 (UL94)

Excellent chemical resistance

ZEDEX 324 - It is very resistant to most organic and inorganic chemical compounds. It is also resistant to alcohols, automotive and aircraft fuel, lubricating oils, cleaning agent, acids and alkalis, hydrolysis of hot water and steam, UV and energy radiation.

Use of modified types of ZX-324 in case of strong UV-radiation is recommended!

Physiological safety:

ZX-324 ploymers are approved for direct food contact. There are no restrictions on the type of food, or duration of contact with the material.

Rods (Ø6÷100 mm).

Pipes (outer Ø 30÷350 mm).

Sheets, thickness of 6; 8, 10; 15; 20; 26; 32 (370х1000mm or 370х2000mm).

Sheets, thickness of 24mm (120х1000mm or 120х2000mm).

ZEDEX-324_1 Втулка-из-ZX-324V7T Детали скольжения. Втулка 324
Толкатель-в-упаковочной-машине-ZX-324V11T Зедекс-324_2 Шестерня-из-материала-ZX-324VMT

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