All the latest modifications ZX-324 have a much more improved wear resistance and have a sufficiently large pv-rate in comparison with the standard one. Thus, the polymers ZX-324V11T and ZX-324V2T have 5 times bigger pv-value than PEEK. Such modifications are applied for improvement of the tensile strength. These models are among the best in the family and have a number of quite good characteristics of various types which are specified in the table below.

The basic parameters of the practical application of dominant ZX-324 modifications

Втулка1 из ZX-324V11T



Application parameters* ZX-324V1T ZX-324V2T ZX-324V11T ZX-324VMT
Advantages: PEEK polymer-fortified. High elastic recovery, high elasticity. The temperature of application over 140°C – harder and tougher than PEEK. PEEK-, PTFE-modified. Low friction. Acceptable elasticity. High PV-value, high wear resistance. PEEK polymer-fortified. Despite high stiffness still high elongation. High PV-value with a relatively slow sliding speed. PEEK fibre-reinforced, with PTFE. Very good wear resistance and stiffness.
Temperature (T) -100°C to +250°C (+260°C) -50°C to +250°C (+260°C) -200°C to +250°C (+260°C) -50°C to +250°C (+260°C)
Surface pressure (p), max.  41 (120) MPa  40 (85) MPa  50 (110) MPa  57 (150) MPa
Sliding speed (v), max  100 m/min  200 m/min  100 m/min  100 m/min
Fatigue (S), max  70 MPa  56 MPa  65 MPa  105 MPa

* Values in the brackets, are valid for shot-term service

Detailed comparison charts of the properties of ZEDEX polymers you can find in catalog «Materials».

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