INKULEN PE — is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)/ high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) which is made using low pressure with a very high degree of polymerization.

The form of technical specifications for bushings and guides   The form of technical specifications for sliding nuts   The form of technical specifications for sprockets

We produce polyethylene in the forms of sheet, billets and rods of wide dimensional series. Our specialists will produce necessary details based on your drawings. A batch of order has no restrictions and may be of any quantity - from trial to production. Both INKULEN PE blanks and details are produced from high-quality raw materials on a modern equipment.
INKULEN PE 1000/500 materials were developed in order to maintain the highest loads during long period of use. The material has extremely high wear resistance, low friction coefficient and high impact toughness, which gives the opportunity to replace metals, including steel alloys, bronze and a number of others, as well as such expensive material, as fluoroplastic.
To give a material excellent quality characteristics specific ingredients are added into the granulate in our production.

To apply


INKULEN PE — are effective polymers that are perfectly suited to solve the problems of friction, wear and yield strength of the material. They are used in various industries:

Industry Application
Machine building structural elements subject to abrasion, as well as for seals in hydraulic, pneumatic systems and components of dry friction: augers, bearings, sprockets, slideways of chains, support rollers, quills, conveyor guide rails, bearing sleeves, blades of scrapers;
Metal mining facing/lining for the transport of gutters, skates, wagons, bins, hoppers, inclined trays and troughs for granular material, the lining of silos;
Food manufacturing boards and trays for cutting and chopping, table tops, kitchen units, special panel for desktops, cladding of kitchen walls and lining of cooling chambers, special inserts of machines for vacuum packaging, buffer strips;
Chemical, paper industry vane pumps, cranes, valves, etc.;
Electrolytic metallurgy drums for electroplating, bearing shells, gears, ring pistons and annular seal, the sealing cups;
Filtration equipment porous parts and apparatus for filtering fluid, inserts for filtering;
Acoustic and electric equipment insulation parts for high-frequency technology, connections, holders, tongs, cables, products for acoustic insulation and damping of vibrations;
Transport and conveyor technology slideways;
Packaging and packing systems cams and camshaft sprockets, bushing bearings bearing shaft , casing of exhausting systems, sliding elements.

and much more.


Comparative specifications of INKULEN PE-1000 and PE-500:

Inkulen PE_small

  • High wear resistance INKULEN PE, at high loads. The material has such characteristics, due to the extremely low coefficient of friction when sliding.
  • Increased resistance to acids and alkalis. This material does not need protection from many corrosive environments, which is not the case for the metal products.
  • Dimensional stability, high resistance to deformation;
  • High water resistance of material INKULEN PE. Water does not enter the structure and therefore the characteristics remain unchanged in the environment with any moisture.
  • Biological safety and high hygiene (lack of taste and smell) give the possibility to use INKULEN PE material for work with food and drinking water. INKULEN PE is resistant to UV radiation, viruses, and harmful microorganisms.
  • Low adhesion to other surfaces. The material does not freeze and does not stick to transport cargoes due to the INKULEN PE paraffin coating.
  • High noise resistance;
  • High strength allows the material to avoid cracks during bending.
  • Increased resistance to shocks and hacks;
  • Low density as compared with other thermoplastics (< 1 g/cm3).
  • High impact strength, including at negative temperatures.
  • Resistance to radioactive rays with high energy.
  • Light weight and flexibility in processing.
  • INKULEN PE is a strong dielectric.

Comparative specifications of INKULEN PE-1000 and PE-500

Properties Units Standard PE-1000 value PE-500 value
Density g/сm³ ISO1183 0,93…1,00 > 0,95
Shore D hardness ISO868 65 65
Tensile strength MPa DIN EN ISO 527 30-35 >26
Elongation at break % DIN EN ISO 527 200-400 >50
Moisture absorption % DIN 53495 0.01 < 0,1
Impact strength notched kJ/m2² DIN EN ISO 11542-2 70-130 >20
Expansion coefficient 10-4/K DIN 53752 2 2
Surface resistance Ohm DIN IEC 60093 1012..1013 >1013
Electrical resistivity Ohm*cm DIN IEC 60093 1014..1015 >1014
Maximum temperature of use °C ISO306 80 80
Melting point °C DIN 3146 140 133-136
INKULEN PE has a number of important characteristics to compete successfully on the market of UHMWPE. Among them are:
  • High resistance to abrasion. For properly manufactured parts lubrication and conservation are not required, they work with presented tractive force;
  • Toughness of INKULEN PE and its shore hardness are higher than that of UHMWPE analogues on the Russian market;
  • Especially high safety factor at stretching;
  • Excellent properties of sliding.

Processing and supply of INKULEN PE

Inkulen PE can be easily processed by cutting. The specialists of «TD Plastmass Group» are ready to produce parts of any complexity based on your drawings out of our blanks on the modern CNC machines: guide rails for conveyors, bearing bushings, nuts, bearings, gears, sealing cups and other parts of structures which are subjected to abrasion, temperature changes, corrosive environments, radiation and other factors while in service.


Inkulen PE (41)_small

ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenePlates:

  • UHMWPE PE-1000, thickness from 3 to 60 mm, dimensions (width x length) 1.0x2.0 m and 1.25x3.0 meters
  • HMWPE PE-500, thickness from 5 to 60 mm, dimensions 1.0 x 2.0 m, 1.25x3.0 m

Manufacture of plates of large sizes by special order: size (width x length) 2.0 x 4.0 m;

Rods with a diameter from 20 to 200 mm, length 1.0 and 2.0 meters

Details — individual production based on customer’s drawings, on CNC machines

We can also offer you ready solutions: INKULEN PE profiles and slideways

We guarantee the shortest possible terms of delivery and traditional German quality!

Inkulen PE_v_sbore_2

Inkulen PE_v_sbore_2

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