INKUMER-EL is a polyurethane elastomer with hardness of 70, 80 and 90 units according to the Shore scale A.

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Polyurethane INKUMER-EL products and blanks are resistant to sudden atmospheric changes and crashproof, durable in commercial operation.
It effectively supersedes rubber plates and parts, steel and plastic sheets in various processes for the integrated problem solution of abrasive wear, impact loads, sticking of materials.


Technical characteristics of polyurethane elastomer

Physical characteristics Units Test method Value Value Value
Shore hardness Shore A DIN 53505 70 80 90
Specific weight g/cm3 DIN 53479 1,26 1,26 1,26
Tensile strength N/мм2 DIN 53504 >40 >40 >45
Elongation at break % DIN 53504 >450 >450 >450
Rebound elasticity % DIN 53512 35 35 35
Unit tenacity N/mm DIN 53515 >30 >40 >60
Abrasion mm3 DIN 53516 <20 <20 <25
Compression set % DIN 53517      
20%, 20°C, 72 hours   20 20 20
20%, 70°C, 24 hours 30 30 30

Quality: INKUMER-EL is food-safe (FDA, LMBG).

These values are based on the results of the tests in the laboratory (at the room temperature and regular humidity). They show default values.

Applicable scope of INKUMER-EL blanks:

The sheets are used for lining: bunkers, silos, sheets of transport trays, orepasses, tanks, troughs, chutes, the bodies of large-capacity dumpers, excavator buckets, tractor buckets, buldozer blades, wagons, trolleys, other equipment and machinery, etc.


Rods are used for the manufacture of guide rodfixtures, covers of drive and pressure rollers, and superior wear life of ordinary rubber covers up to 20 times. Blanks in the form of thick-walled tubes are ideal  for covers with press fit for metal rollers. Flaps, bushings, seals, and rings are made from them.

The main advantages of polyurethane INKUMER-EL over lining products from steel, rubber or polyethylene:

  • The exceptionally high resistance of the INKUMER-EL material to shock-abrasive loads increases the service life of the lining. Applying INKUMER-EL instead of lining metal, you are guaranteed to increase the life of the equipment 4 times or more!
  • Prevents the sticking of material due to low friction coefficient of polyurethane INKUMER-EL. Does not require constant cleaning of the working surfaces.
  • Reduction in dusting areas and the absence of welding work in the repair of the gravity-fed equipment.
  • Noise reduction in the production areas.
  • Reduced time and financial expenditures to repair jobs and frequent replacement of the lining material.

The advantages of polyurethane INKUMER-EL over rubber:

Products made of polyurethane are resistant to sudden atmospheric changes and crashproof, durable in commercial operation and have characteristics which are unattainable for conventional rubbers:

  • 2 times higher elasticity.
  • 3 times higher wear resistance.
  • 2.5 times stronger then rubber.
  • High resistance to multiple strains.
  • The ability to work under high pressure (up to 105 MPa).
  • Chemical resistance to many solvents and acids.
  • Increased hardness (up to 95 units of Shore).
  • Temperature range of work from -50°С to +80°С.
  • Resistance to microorganisms and fungi.
  • Vibration and oil-benzine-resistance.
  • Elasticity at low temperatures.
  • High dielectric properties.

Comparison of physical and chemical characteristics of rubber and polyurethane

Name of indicator Rubber INKUMER-EL
Shore A hardness 65-75 65-95
Modulus of elasticity tensile 100% 12 29
Rebound elasticity (%) 30 40
Rupture strength (kg/cm²) 115 312
Strength to tearing (method C), N/mm 20 58
The frost resistance coefficient by the elastic recovery after compression at t -50°С 0,2 0,45
Abrasion resistance (scraper N22) 2 10
Elongation at break (%) 200 54

Assembly of INKUMER-EL sheets

The lining of equipment components is conducted using adhesive, bolts, or a combined method.

Typical sizes to supply:

  • Sheets, thickness of 1-100mm
  • Plate dimensions: 1000х1000 mm, 1000х2000 mm, 1000х3000 mm
  • Rods: diameter from 20 to 200 mm



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