ZEDEX-530 (ZX-530) - is a synthetic thermoplastic composite material based on polyster (PPS).

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ZX-530 is designed to work in the conditions of aggressive environments, it is resistant to many chemical substances and can replace ceramics and PTFE in sliding units, it significantly exceeds them in characteristics. The application of this material is effective where PTFE or bronze plain bearings cannot bear a longtime load.

ZX-530 polymer is often used in spray booths - in their sliding parts, pumps, lines of electrochemical facing, the equipment of oil and gas and chemical industries.

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  • High wear resistance;
  • Quite low friction coefficient (0.07);
  • High chemical resistance;
  • Easily processed by cutting and welding. Good machinability;
  • Physiologically harmless. Suitable for contact with food products. FDA compliant;
  • High precision in the manufacture of parts;
  • Hydrolysis resistance.
  • Working temperature: -100°C to +240°C (+260°C);
  • Surface pressure (p): max. 25 (74) MPa;
  • Sliding speed (v): max. 300 m/min;
  • Fatigue (S): tensile fatigue strength at 20 °C and 1E06 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 40 MPa;
  • UV-radiation resistance. Gamma-radiation: Limit absorbed dose 1000 kGy;
  • Water: max. water absorption: 0,01 %, up to max. +140 °C resistant;
  • Fire behavior: Oxygen index (LOI): 47 %, Classification: V-0 (UL94). Fireproof.

The strength of ZX-530 in compression at +200°С is 16 times higher, the durability is 300 times longer than that of standard PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, teflon, ftoroplast-4).

The advantages of ZX-530 over PTFE (PTFE) and its modifications (F4К20, etc.):

  • High mechanical strength with gradation of temperature up to 250° Celsius;
  • Low tendency to creep in the process of compressive loads;
  • High wear resistance in a tribological use;
  • Permissible pv-value is higher in dry running operation;
  • Best assurance of exactly specified accuracy and less coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • Minimum manufacture cost of ZX-530 parts by welding or injection molding.

The advantages of ZX-530 polymers over ceramics:

  • Higher tensile and impact strength;
  • Non-sensitive to the edge pressure in the case of a mechanical load;
  • Greater resistance to chemicals;
  • Better machinability and mountability;
  • Wide dimension and product range of blanks;
  • Basic details made of ZX-530 are much more economical than those of ceramics or PTFE.

Rods (diameter 6÷210 mm)

Tubes (outer diameter 30÷350 mm)

Sheets, thickness of 6; 8, 10; 15; 20; 26; 32 (370х1000 mm or 370х2000 mm)

Sheets, thickness of 24 mm (120х1000 mm or 120х2000 mm)

Details based on customer’s drawings




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