ZX-324 GF30 PEEK modification – is a thermoplastic material based on polyetheretherketone, glass fiber reinforced (30%). ZX-324 GF30 PEEK is characterized by a higher mechanical strength, hardness and creeper resistance than unfilled peek.
Glass fibre reinforced plastic ZX-324 GF30 PEEK is ideal for conditions, which require to withstand long-term static loads at elevated temperatures.

Basic characteristics:

  • High maximum allowable working temperature in the air (+250°С with constant exposure and up to +310°С for short periods)
  • Excellent friction-wear characteristics
  • High chemical resistance to aggressive environments and corrosion
  • High dimensional stability. Yield strength high at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma and x-radiation)
  • Flame retardant (V-0 according to UL94). Low flammability and very low levels of smoke when burning
  • Insulator - fiberglass is not susceptible to electrochemical corrosion
  • ZX-324 GF30 PEEK thermoplastic is resistant to hot water and hot steam
  • Minimum moisture absorption, practically equal to zero
  • Meets FDA requirements for contact with food products

Thanks to the excellent tribological characteristics, good dimensional stability and ease of machining high-precision parts are made from ZX-324 GF30 PEEK blanks: rollers, gears, worm wheels, parts of pumps, saddles of ball valves, high temperature insulators; supporting disks, rings, pads; bearings of hydraulic turbines and hydro-generators; parts exposed to boiling water, steam and other friction pairs.

ZX-324 GF30 PEEK works with a high degree of efficiency, reliability and safety where fluoropolymers do not manage. It is advantageous to replace metal parts (bronze, special steel, cast iron). The material has the best durability, is not affected by linear expansion, and is resistant to vibration and shock loads. Due to the high strength the fiberglass is called «light metal», but compared to metal they have a lower density and thermal conductivity, and most importantly, it is corrosion resistant.

Small specific gravity of ZX-324 GF30 PEEK makes it convenient for application in the transport sector, as the savings in weight means economy in energy. Moreover, by reducing the weight of transport structures (ships, cars, planes) their efficiency is also increased. High strength and durability of fiberglass finds its application where reliability and the guarantee of safety is required, for example, for the equipment on drilling rigs.

But the use of this material for the details of sliding is undesirable as fibreglass may damage the mating surface of the counterbody of a friction pair.

ZX-324 GF30 PEEK forms of supply (delivery):

Rods (optional)

Pipes (optional)

Sheets (optional)

Production of the details based on drawings and customer's samples.

Colour: beige

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