6LLC «TD Plastmass Group» offers ready solutions – in manufacture and supply of plastic profile guides. We also produce the profiles of various cross section forms on individual orders in strict conformity with customer's drawings.

Slideways from INKULEN PE-1000 and PE-500 – are the best solution for the improvement of performances and the retrenchment of maintenance expenses for roller chains and belts or round belts.

To apply

At movement of chains on metal slideways friction takes place which leads to rapid wear. Moreover, for silent, smooth run and long service life regular lubrication is required. INKULEN PE slideways protect chains, guarantee an optimum run and maximum wearing property due to high resistance to scuffing and extended work without lubrication. They are a cheaper alternative to fluoroplastic.

Advantages of INKULEN PE slideways:5

  • High wear resistance.
  • Excellent sliding, work without lubrication.
  • High chemical resistance to aggressive environments.
  • The highest impact strength and fracture strength in a wide temperature range.
  • The vibration damping, the absorption of continuous and impact noise.
  • Absence of moisture absorption. The stability of properties and dimensions in a damp environment.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Physiological safety. It is not dangerous in case it contacts with food products.
  • No freezing or sticking.
  • High electrical and thermal insulation.



In contrast to metals, INKULEN PE thermoplastic elongate or shrink with temperature fluctuations. The most simple and effective method of slideway’s fastening– is with the help of steel C-shaped profiles. They are reliable fastens, ensuring freedom of movement of the slideways, ease its replacement. If necessary, they can be welded or screwed together.


  • Simple installation and dismantle of slideways.
  • Quick replacement in case of wear.
  • Easy alignment of the slideway system.
  • 1Installation of steel C-profile for screwing without warping.

Profiles and slideways for laminated, roller and round link chains are widely used in many industries: packaging equipment, various mechanical components, bottling lines, conveyors of cross-section submission on timber production, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, production of foodstuff, paper, glass and many others.

Using our INKULEN PE slideways you get several advantages:

  • Substantial increase of industrial ratings of modular tapes, conveyor chains and gear belts.
  • Significant decrease of expenditures due to efficiency and long resource of work of the material.
  • Economy of temporary, financial and labour costs due to simplicity in service and absence of necessity in execution of off-schedule works on repair of the equipment.

You can use ready-made options and order the production of plastic slideways of any configuration based on the drawings or sketches.

The review of slideways of chains and belts INKULEN PE

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