LLC "TD Plastmass Group " is the manufacturer and exclusive supplier of unique synthetic polymers on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.

We have been working in the domestic market since 2006 and we have gained considerable experience in the use of materials, we offer effective solutions to improve durability and reduce the cost of parts for the equipment of wide spectrum of action.

The materials, that we produce, are successfully used in production and repair of components of various mechanisms at the enterprises of almost all industries. The polymers are designed to meet all requirements and at the same time to provide the necessary safety margin of the final working site.

The company " TD Plastmass Group " has its own Engineering center which employs experienced designers. We offer the best engineering solutions and develop new series and modifications of materials to meet specific needs of customers.


The history of the company

For more than 10 years the company " TD Plastmass Group " has been keeping  the bar of leadership, working with high-tech polymers, which is unique in the domestic market. During this time we have gained not only considerable experience and reputation as a reliable supplier, but also a large number of clients in various industries.

Opening of the company for delivery of the pieces and parts of antifriction polymers ZEDEX®.

The development of the dealer network in Russia and the CIS countries.

Adding of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene / high molecular weight polyethylene PE INKULEN 1000/500 to the product range. 

Adding of polyurethane elastomer INKUMER-EL (Sh 65÷95) to the product line.

Opening of own production of new generation polymers in Russia.

The development of the industrial park, the purchase of modern high-performance polymer processing equipment.

The official resident of the SKOLKOVO Foundation


Currently: " TD Plastmass Group " is a company which is able to offer a full range of engineering services from material to its processing and delivery to the customer. The company is constantly expanding its representation in the regions.


Choosing " TD Plastmass Group " (LLC "ZEDEX")  you get confidence in the future, reliability and absence of problems with equipment. Our materials are for those who thinks strategically and is ready to make decisions for the future.

We are accountable for the quality of our materials!