• Professional manufacturing of 
    details from the polymers according to the
    customer`s drawings on CNC
  • ZEDEX -Anti-friction wear-resistant
    polymers are a new generation
  • PE INKULEN 1000/500 -
    ultra-high /
    high molecular weight polyethylene
    for the production of parts,
    guides and lining
  • Russian production
    quality engineering
    in sliding friction units
    and for lining

Why do the majority of customers choose our company?

  • Polymers ZEDEX in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. "TD Plastmass Group" - the exclusive supplier of raw materials, produced with an exclusive patented technology

  • We have been working with polymers since 2006. The accumulated knowledge and experience allow us to apply effectively engineering plastics in different sectors of industrial production.

  • Antifriction wear-resistant materials ZEDEX have no analogues in the market of engineering plastics in Russia and CIS countries thanks to its unique composition.

  • The quality of ZEDEX materials  has been repeatedly confirmed with the long-term operation of units and mechanisms of enterprises of varios spheres of activities. The certain modifications ZEDEX, made by our company, are qualitatively better than the German ones.

  • You will always get the full expert advice on any issues related to the selection and use of our materials. The specialists of "TD Plastmass Group" are ready to provide detailed instructions for the processing of semi-finished products.

  • Any

    Our company does not have any restrictions in minimum batches of purchases. You can purchase a trial batch to verify the excellent quality of our products, do all the necessary preliminary tests.

LLC "TD Plastmass Group" ("ZEDEX") produces
high quality wear-resistant composite polymers of a new generation

  • Zedex

    Antifriction materials

  • INKULEN PE 1000/500

    Ultra-high molecular weight / high molecular weight polyethylene


    Polyurethane elastomer


    Individual orders


Our materials will increase the life of your
machines and reduce the operation costs!

"TD Plastmass Group" ("ZEDEX") is the only manufacturer of unique anti-friction synthetic materials ZEDEX® (ZX) on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.

ZEDEX Polymers are widely used in almost all industries, and replace successfully: the friction of sliding bronze, polyamide (caprolon), fluorocarbon polimers, PCB, sintered powders, ZAMAK, cast iron, metalfluoroplastic tape, etc., eliminating inherent to these materials shortcomings and problems.

ZEDEX polymers are intended for manufacturing of wear-resistant sliding bearings, bushings, liners, rollers, lead screws, gear, worm wheels and many other details.

We offer to supply a wide range of billets of different sizes:

  • bars (diameters from 6 mm to 210 mm);
  • pipes (diameters from 30 to 380 mm);
  • sheets (thickness from 2 to 114 mm);
  • cindividual manufacturing of details based on drawings of a customer on the CNC machines.

The customer’s final processing of semi-finished products ZEDEX does not require any special machines, and is performed on the universal metal-cutting equipment as well as using  woodworking, turning, milling, drill and other machines.

Using new generation polymers produced by "TD Plastmass Group " you get long and trouble free operation of units and mechanisms, get rid of financial and time losses connected with fixing of equipment!

Applications engineering plastics

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